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Maintaining an Excellent Car

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Whether it’s a new one or just your old type of car, it’s important that you will pay more attention when it comes to the proper ways of cleaning it. When you go to the Tulsa driving school, they will tell you the importance of it and you can search this one online or by asking some people about it. It can’t only make the car clean but it will also help to stay the good value of it whenever you have the plans to sell it in the future. You need to remember that doing all the possible car maintenance can’t be done in your home garage as it will require the expertise of the mechanics and the tools.  

It is nice and easy to talk to the mechanic if you could let them understand and tell the situation of your car and the things that it really needs. Most of the drivers Ed Tulsa don’t understand the importance of weekly maintenance of the car in order for it to function well and preserve the good value of it. Here are some of the things that you need to do in order to maintain the best function of each engine parts that it has and all the right things.  

It is a nice thing that you would spend some time to read the manual or the owner’s hand book for the cars as you would get more ideas here. It could tell you all the necessary things that you need to know about the vehicle including the different parts that you have to take care more and pay attention. If you can’t find the manual of the car, then you could search it on the internet and find the website of the company and search for the car’s model. It is important here that you know about the fluid and the proper ways to change the oil of it and you can read it from the owner’s car manual 

Some people like most of the professionals here would require you to change the oil of your car whenever you reach more than 3, 000 to 4, 000 miles usage. The same thing with the consider in here which to the filter of the vehicle as you have to replace the old ones with a new one every six months. If you are not an expert when it comes to the checking of the engine of the car, then you could ask the help of the mechanics and the professionals.  

You need to consider as well the tires of the car as you don’t want to have problems in the future when you are driving it going to your destination. There are many ways to check the tires and if you are not so sure about it then you could search more things on the internet about this matter. Don’t forget about the wipers for your windshield as they are playing an important role when it comes to cleaning and removing the moist. Of course, don’t forget about the outside part of the car by putting some wax to it as prescribed by the driving school Tulsa. 

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How to Assist Your Teen to Become a Competent and Responsible Driver

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It is always scary seeing your kid drive the first time around. As a matter of fact, one moment in time, they were learning how to crawl, and with just a snap, they are now begging to borrow your car and sit behind the steering wheel. If your kid is trying to acquire their license to drive, you have a very vital part to play in their career of driving. The following are some of the tips on how you can assist your child become a competent and responsible driver on the road: 

  1. Set Boundaries

You still remember what it’s like to be a child and your urge to go anywhere. If among your friends, you were the first to have the driver’s license, you were then designated to drive wherever your friends wanted to be and you, as a new driver and with pride, loved it. However, your parents did not stop you from putting up added kilometers on your car all night long. 

When your kid is ready to get his or her hands behind the wheel, you should sit down with them and discuss their boundaries on the road and your expectations as a parent and instructor. In addition to that, let them know you have no tolerance for using drugs and drinking alcoholic drinks and driving, and that they need to arrive home safely at a certain time. Aside from that, you should also be prepared to handle consequences if the given boundaries are not followed. It’s also best that you enroll them in a professional Tulsa driving school. 

  1. Teach by Example

You cannot expect your child to grow and develop into a responsible and mature driver if you, as a driver, are also setting a terrible example. When you are in your vehicle with your child, you should always make sure that you follow driving manners, which is to be considerate to other drivers, bikers and pedestrian, and to hit signal on where you turn the car, and also, always practice safe and defensive highway driving or you can him or her enroll in an expert drivers ed Tulsa. You may not know it but your child is, probably observing your every move. 

  1. Share Your Driving Experiences

Most teens think and believe that their parents do not know what they are going through but the fact of the matter is you, as a parent, have all been in the early stages of driving, committing mistakes and getting terrified on the road. With that being said, your teen can now relate better with real-life experiences and examples. They always like to know what they must do in a particular situation. By telling them how you managed a very congested road. 

  1. Allow Them to Drive

You can make your child recite the basic safe driving techniques all day long but unless they are on their own real-life driving experience, they will never get to learn the skills of a responsible driver. Having said that, handling them the keys is like you taking them to a whole new level and the only way they will be prepared to obtain their driver’s license is to give them the chance to drive on their own. For more information, reach out to driving school Tulsa. 

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